14. MARKETABLE SECURITIES and short-term financial assets

14. MARKETABLE SECURITIES and short-term financial assets
CHF million 2014 2013
Fair-value-through-profit-or-loss financial assets 0.2 11.1
Held-to-maturity financial assets 100.0
Total 0.2 111.1

Fair-value-through-profit-or-loss financial assets (Held for trading)

CHF million 2014 2013
CHF equity securities 0.2 8.5
EUR equity securities 2.6
Total 0.2 11.1

The carrying amounts of the above financial assets are designated as "at fair-value-through-profit-or-loss" upon initial recognition. Changes in the fair values of these assets are recorded in the positions “Income from financial assets” and “Expenses from financial assets” in the income statement.

The fair value of all quoted securities is based on their currently paid or, if not available, bid prices in an active market.

Held-to-maturity financial assets

The "held-to-maturity financial asset", a CHF deposit of CHF 100.0 million, was repaid in full in 2014. In 2013, the deposit was valued at amortized cost.