Statement of comprehensive incomE

Statement of comprehensive incomE
  2014 2013
CHF million After taxes After taxes
Net income 342.6 303.0
Other comprehensive income after taxes    
Items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss    
Remeasurement of defined benefit plan 90.3 857.5
Transfer of pension assets to non-profit funds – 200.8
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss    
Hedge accounting – 1.7 16.8
Currency translation 80.8 – 11.5
Total comprehensive income / (loss) 512.0 965.0
of which attributable to non-controlling interests 0.1
of which attributable to shareholders of the parent 511.9 965.0

The accompanying notes form an integral part of the consolidated statements.

Items in the statement above are disclosed net of tax. The income tax relating to each component of other comprehensive income is disclosed in note 25.