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Shops wordlwide 2014 Flagshipstores in Berlin, Paris, Rom, Tokio, Sydney, San Francisco and new york

Since its establishment in 2009, the Global Retail Division has become an important contributory factor to the success of the Lindt & Sprüngli Group. With sales of around CHF 316 million in 2014, the Lindt & Sprüngli global network of own shops with 275 points of sale, by now accounts for about 10 percent of total Group sales. Thereby substantial organic growth of 20 % was achieved by the LINDT shops. In the past five years, global presence of own point of sales has been successfully driven forward through different store concepts, designed with a clear siganture to boost brand values and to foster the positioning of Lindt & Sprüngli as a leader in the preminum chocolate segment.

Our own retail network is divided into six different concepts which differ in terms of location and product offering, but also complement each other admirably. The Chocolate Cafés and chocolate boutiques have proved a successful way of accessing new markets as they convey the images of the LINDT brand particularly well.

All the retail outlets incorporate a uniform shop design which can be recognized by consumers all over the world. Drawing on the theme of chocolate and the LINDT logo, the emphasis in shop fitting is placed on warm brown and precious gold tones which ideally reflect the product elegance in a spirit of perfect harmony. In addition, carefully chosen furnishings and subdued lighting, together with an impressive decor to suit the season of the year, are further attractions.

When they walk into the shop, customers are immediately transported into the world of the LINDT Master Chocolatiers. With a little luck they may even meet a Master Chocolatier on site who prepares superb pralinés by hand and offers them to sample. The overall target is to provide an unique shopping experience to the visitors, to present the comprehensive product assortment in a priviledged ambiance, and to be able to offer circumstancial advice in order to obtain a strong emotional loyalty towards the LINDT brand.

Shop ConCePTS

chocolate cafés

Highly frequented, downtown locations.

chocolate boutiques

Central, prestige locations, Airports, Train Stations.

chocolate outlets

Premium Designer Outlets.

Factory Stores

Next to factories and warehouses.

Ghirardelli chocolate & Ice cream Shops

Highly frequented, central locations, tourist attractions (Disney).

russell stover

In direct proximity to large residential areas.